Vote in Recent Oregon Statewide Down Ballot Races

In 2012, the only partisan statewide contests Oregonians had to vote on were the down ballot constitutional offices: Attorney General, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer.  This post will compare the 2012 results with comparable contests in recent years.

The red line is for the Republican percentage. The blue line is the Democratic percentage. This is the two-party vote. Third parties votes are not counted in order to make the results more easily comparable.

What’s most interesting is that the best result for Republicans was Rick Dancer running for Secretary of State in 2008. This was despite the fact that the 2008 election was the best Democratic wave among the three years.

This result fits with the traditional Eugene Republican advantage:

Another related point is that Dancer did relatively poorly in the Portland Metro Area: He more than made up for it in Lane County:


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